Academic 支持 and Disability Services

The Office of Academic 支持 and Disability Services (O.A.S.D.S.) was established in 2003 to help maximize the academic success and persistence to graduation of all students. The office provides focused services for students with disabilities and students typically underrepresented in higher education.

评估 & 护理小组(A).C.T.)

The Juilliard 评估 and 护理小组(A).C.T.) is a multidisciplinary team of administrators and 教师 who assess the need for early supportive intervention and guidance for distressed or struggling students. A.C.T. serves as a centralized community resource and point of contact for all students, 教师, and administrators who may consider contacting A.C.T. 转介.

Diversity Initiatives

The Juilliard School is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all members of the community inclusive of race, 种族, 国家的起源, 文化, 语言, gender and gender expression, 性, religious and political beliefs, 年龄, 和能力. The school stands against all forms of discrimination, whether directed against individuals or groups. As part of this dedication, 大量的训练, 资源, and programs are provided throughout the year addressing diversity and inclusion.

Health and Counseling Services

The Health Services clinic is located on the 22nd floor of the Meredith Willson Residence Hall. Health Services provides medical treatment and preventative care, as well as providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition services to aid students in performing at their best. Counseling Services provides supportive psychotherapy to assist students in meeting their emotional, 心理, and mental health needs.


The Office of 学生事务 offers comprehensive, student-centered programming, innovative social activities, and leadership opportunities that foster personal growth, embrace the importance of inclusion, 庆祝多样性, and cultivate arts advocacy.